Microsoft launched Viva platform for remote work

In February 2021 Microsoft launched the Viva platform, aimed at professional development and maintaining a favourable emotional state of employees who are working remotely. The company expects that remote work will become the norm in the near future and aims to make the transition easier for employers and employees through the new platform.

It is worth noting that Viva has a high level of integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams. The new platform is a product in line with the times. It is exactly one of those tools, which are necessary for qualitative organization of remote work. The platform is largely up and running, and Microsoft will implement some more of its functionality during this year. Viva integrates into Microsoft Teams and works as an intranet, gathering important business components in one place. Viva has four main modules – Connections, Insights, Learning and Topics.

Microsoft Viva Connections

The Connections module provides internal communications and acts as the gateway to the digital workplace. This module intends to be a portal for newcomers. Employers will direct them to this platform in the initial stage of work in the company, when they have not yet met with their colleagues due to pandemic restrictions. The Viva Connections module is a part of Microsoft SharePoint technology and will include elements such as company news, resource groups and employee communities. In essence, it is a control panel for remote communication with colleagues.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Insights provides data for managers and executives to help build working models and customize workflow. At the same time, a high level of confidentiality is declared. Only the employees can view personal information, while information for managers and executives is combined by default and does not contain identifiers, which should ensure the protection of personal information.

Microsoft Viva Learning

The Learning module is devoted to employee training and development. Here, the employers will be able to post training materials, courses, and other content for their employees. This segment will include content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, the company’s own materials, and training materials from third-party vendors.

Microsoft Viva Topics

The Topics module is a peculiar encyclopedia of the organization, accumulating various topic cards with documents and videos. Those cards, designed by artificial intelligence, are generated based on data from Office, Teams and SharePoint applications.

Microsoft indicated that Viva is an open platform, which will be further expanded and supplemented with new features. Microsoft Viva platform is now partially available: Viva Topics module is already accessible for Microsoft 365 customers, and Viva Insights module is offered as a public preview. The Learning module is running as a private preview. More details about the Microsoft Viva platform will be published throughout 2021.

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