Note-taking app Evernote is now in Microsoft Teams

Note-taking app Evernote is now available in Microsoft Teams. Electronic notebooks really do have a number of advantages over traditional paper notebooks. They are available on any device – from mobile gadgets to personal computers. They are equally suitable for taking text notes, storing voice notes, photos and videos, making to-do lists, recording momentary thoughts and fresh ideas. You can use them to structure information, find the notes you need, plan tasks, create reminders and combine your notes.

Note-taking app Evernote is one of the pioneers of the note-taking and organizing software market. Over the years, Evernote has matured, acquired many features, and is now more focused on the corporate sector.


The strengths of Evernote include the ability to search text in any documents, scan and extract data from business cards, integration with Google Drive, Outlook, Slack and other services. You can also set different levels of permission to access content and collaborative editing of notes in real time. Especially for corporate users, the program provides templates for quick creation of notes in a suitable format and design.


The bias of Evernote developers toward the business segment had a significant impact on the capabilities of the free version of the product. With a lot of restrictions, it is good only for getting acquainted with the program. It has a modest 60 MB limit for the notes you can take each month, support for only two devices and the absence of many other features in the free version. Therefore, compared to its many competitors, it begs the conclusion that Evernote Corporation should be closer to the average user audience.

User experience

Firstly, when you add an Evernote tab to one of your teams or chats, it will be empty if you have never used it before and don’t have any notes yet. For a complete experience, you have to install Evernote on your phone or computer and have your first notes ready.

Secondly, Evernote lets you choose if you want to use the app for business, school or personal matter. Depending on what you chose, it offers some note templates, for instance, to-do list, meeting notes or project plan. (Figure 1)

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Figure 1

Next, now that I have my first note it’s time to share it on Microsoft Teams. I had an option of sharing it with my team members in the chat. I now have a new tab in my team’s channel with the note of my choice. (Figure 2)

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Figure 2

There is a number of things that you can use Evernote in Teams for, besides sharing notes. You can pin Evernote notes to one of your teams in a separate tab for quick and easy access. If you add individual notes in tab format, you can edit notes directly in Microsoft Teams. Simply click on the note in the tab bar and make the necessary edits in the same window. If you do not have permission to edit the note, you will see the note in read-only mode. However, the read-only mode displays tabs added by publishing a public link, regardless of permissions.

If you have Evernote installed, the Microsoft Teams search bar allows you to search your Evernote account. To search in Evernote, type “@evernote” before the search query. The note from the search results will open in your browser.

Is it worth it to switch from Microsoft’s native OneNote to Evernote?

In terms of features, Evernote is not inferior to OneNote, but it lags behind it in terms of the organization of the user interface, to the classic version of which one has to get used to. Evernote supports notes of various types (text, drawings, photographs, audio files, video, PDF, copies of web pages, screenshots). So, it allows the attachment of Microsoft Office documents and can recognize printed documents, drawings and handwritten text. You can arrange your notes in any way you like, add tags to them, and share them with others.

Evernote is great advanced version of an electronic notebook for your collaboration and note-taking needs on Microsoft Teams. Finally, if you are willing to invest into the business version or not, the note-taking app Evernote is definitely worth a try.

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