Approvals app for Teams for remote collaborations

Microsoft Teams has become an integral part for many workspaces, whether it’s a small startup or an international enterprise. In this never-ending workflow that we deal with from home office nowadays, we always have to approve something. Being able to do this via Approvals app for Teams is more practical than moving to another application. Discussed below are basics of using Approvals, some of its pros and cons, and some tips for users.


Approvals app for Teams is a hub for your approvals across all Microsoft systems that you create, manage and share. It facilitates reviewing and taking action right there in Teams without leaving the app.

What is appreciated about Approvals is that it works well with other Microsoft Teams applications, for example Power Automate. Power Automate is a workflow tool that automates common business processes, like, immediately responding to high-priority notifications or emails. A common scenario where you would use an automated approval is when an employee requests days off or a vacation. No matter how complex the goal is, Microsoft Power Automate and Approvals accelerates and simplifies the approval process.

Microsoft Flow became available to users as a powerful workflow platform that makes it easy to create automation workflows. The ability to connect or analyze data between different technologies and services makes Flow a very powerful tool. It works perfectly with Approvals; this pairing can involve the approval of travel expenses, a concept approval and other use cases. The approval of a training course by the supervisor, which can sometimes end in a flood of e-mails, should be a thing of the past. Flow can help automate processes and save time and effort for every employee involved.


One disadvantage of the tool is that only people who are in the chat can approve items, which doesn’t allow external approvals. That might be a problem if one is trying to get an approval from people from another department, for example.

User experience

Organizations regularly apply approval processes for all kinds of purposes. The purpose can be as simple as an employee making a shift request. Though, Approvals can also accomplish more complicated tasks than that. Let’s say you need to make sure that your company’s annual budget meets target standards, and therefore to be approved by members of your team. Another way to use Approvals is to ensure that a new creative project is relevant and meets quality expectations. 

You can launch the tool directly from the chat, which makes it very accessible. It works both with group chats and with individual chats. To monitor the status of your requested and given approvals, use Approval Card. You can see who has already given approvals to your item there and who hasn’t yet.

Microsoft Approvals is a fairly new product in the Microsoft product range. Accordingly, not all desirable functions are available yet, but the ones that are do their job and receive minimum to no complaints from users. Microsoft itself is aware of those limitations and gives tips on how to use their apps to the full potential.

To be fair, however, the development team behind Approvals is really stepping on the gas. The main advantage of Approvals is the smooth integration with other apps in the Microsoft family and its immediate accessibility. There are some small drawbacks, like the inability to invite “outsiders” to approve items in chats. Still, I believe this app is an essential part of a modern workspace. Microsoft Teams Approvals service offers a comprehensive and, above all, flexible way to manage business processes and their approval procedures. It works well in hand with other applications and therefore makes a perfect component of the Microsoft ecosystem.

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