Use Polly for Teams to make group decisions

Remember when we made most of the decisions in the workspace “by the show of hands”? It seems like decision making and gathering group feedback have become harder now when a lot of us are working remotely from home. However, the Polly app for Microsoft Teams proves otherwise. It has a number of options to get your teammates or colleagues opinion on something, their feedback on important topics or make smaller everyday decisions.

Polly for Teams facilitates getting feedback form colleagues


Polly is a simple enough application to use without reading lots of tutorials: it’s very self-explanatory. You will receive responses within seconds, unlike some of the other survey applications, where you have to clock through lots of pages. In Polly, you can get a lot of things done in a couple clicks.

Besides having a multiple choice question, Polly also offers a rating scale and open ended question options. That gives users more freedom in the way they want to gather their colleagues’ feedback. 

If you don’t want to create a new poll each time for a recurring event, there is an option for scheduling. You just have to chose a date and time to send out your poll. 

Perhaps the most unique feature of Polly is that it offers quick date analysis in a form of charts. Based on the collected responses it quickly visualizes the information in a very clean looking graph.


It is hard to find noticeable disadvantages in the app, especially after its recent update. Free version of Polly, however, has limited features, for more of them you’d have to pay for a subscription.

The free version targest at smaller teams, who would use Polly to make small decisions from time to time. Meanwhile, the paid version offers more features for bigger companies with their own engagement, productivity and security needs.

That being said, the free version limits the response count to 25 per calendar month, has only three templates available and results are being kept for 30 days. For $24 a month, users can enjoy up to 500 responses per month, unlimited templates, recurring polls, reminders and more.

User experience

When you open Polly from the toolbar in the chat, it already offers you a bunch of templates for the poll you’re about to send out. That makes the whole process of setting up a poll much easier. The developers created those templates based on previous user experiences and they keep being updated. Of course, you still can enter your details manually if you don’t find a template that fits your needs. (Figure 1)

Create a new poll with Polly for Teams
Figure 1

Whether or not you are willing to subscribe to Polly’s paid version, it is definitely worth a try. This app will help make everyday decisions within a smaller team or gather feedback on a project from a larger group of people – all in second’s time.

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