Calendar Pro app for Teams to stay on top of things

Staying organized is crucial for efficient task management, especially in remote offices. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with the number of tasks, meetings, and events we have to take care of every day. We have to continuously keep up with them to not fall behind. Thankfully, Calendar Pro app is there to help. Developers keep updating the Calendar pro app for Teams to sync with our needs during the pandemic.

Calendar Pro has been in the top rankings of the Microsoft Teams apps for several reasons. It is suitable for an organization of any size and of almost any need. Calendar Pro is good for managing a large group of people and for planning among a smaller group, for example, an advertisement agency.


Outlook Calendar invite is great for mandatory team meetings. Calendar Pro is really useful for the wide range of meetings and activities that people can attend only if they want to. It also helps to prevent conflicts between different groups, as it records all group activities in the one place.

Calendar Pro is popular in schools as well, where the teachers and students value it for the option to print out the calendar. No other calendar in Office 365 suite has so far integrated this feature. You can print out your weekly schedule and hang it on the wall or keep it on your desk. Another great feature of Calendar Pro is that you can add it to a private tab. You can manage your personal appointments or after class hours or courses, that will be available to you only.


We have some good news and some bad news regarding the Calendar Pro mobile version. Bad news, it has some issues of showing on IOS depending on its version. Good news is – it works just fine on Android. The reason is that Calendar pro is a Microsoft app, so it is really not the fault of the developer. Hopefully the developers can fix this in the nearest future.

User experience

The desktop use of Calendar Pro is really smooth. What distinguishes this app from other calendar apps and the native Teams calendars is the ability to view a whole month at once, just like you would in your regular paperback planner. This is one function that many have been missing, it is great for having a bigger overview of your upcoming tasks and events. The calendar can appear in a team’s tab, which makes it very easy to access for all team members. The process of adding a new event or meeting is very self-explanatory, and doesn’t require lots of effort.

Calendar Pro has a very broad palette of functions. Whether you are a manager, an employee, a teacher or a student, Calendar Pro will have the tools to satisfy your organizational needs.

The way you manage your daily tasks as a remote worker is crucial for your productivity. Having everything saved in one place, easy to access, and shareable with people in your team helps to stay organized. It makes it easier for your manager and colleagues to monitor your workload remotely. Calendar Pro app for Microsoft Teams helps users to keep worries of forgetting something important, so you can focus on getting quality work done.

Rating: 5/5

In terms of overall rating of Calendar Pro, it definitely deserves 5 stars for its rich functionality and flexibility. It is an ideal solution for any kind of organisation – big or small – Calendar Pro will have tools for every planning need.

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