SurveyMonkey app for Teams review

SurveyMonkey app for Teams made an entrance back in May 2020. SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest online survey data collection and analysis company. The company’s clients collect different kinds of information from over two million people every day. SurveyMonkey significantly improves how people can express and communicate their opinions and how they process that information.

Conducting surveys with SurveyMonkey is free, so everyone can take advantage of this program. That’s why its announcement of an app release for Microsoft Teams is a pretty big deal. Now it will be available to more users and help collecting data quickly and easily directly from the remote workspace.


SurveyMonkey is a great tool for quickly creating professionally looking surveys. There is little-to-no training required to make it work. The unique features of SurveyMonkey include real time data monitoring and an ability to create surveys with conditional logic. These tools make the app extremely customizable to many needs of your organization.

You are able to poll your colleagues with Microsoft Teams and create an understandable data visual to share with them. In the new update it is easier to share survey insights. There is an option to create and customize an insights dashboard for a specific team within a Teams tab.


SurveyMonkey app for Teams offers a big palette of tools and room for customization of the survey. However, it lacks a simpler integration in the Microsoft ecosystem. There is no seamless way to connect survey data from SurveyMonkey with SharePoint, Microsoft Flow or other 365 apps. It allows sharing surveys within Microsoft OneDrive, yet there is no way of integrating them in Flow just yet.

Unfortunately, there are some features in SurveyMonkey that you will have to pay for. The free version allows each survey to have up to only ten questions and 100 responses. With paid subscriptions you will be able to extend those numbers and customize the surveys with your logos and colors.

User experience

SurveyMonkey values our time. Therefore, they have updated the Teams app with new expert templates for every survey need. In May 2020 SurveyMonkey launched a library of editable templates by research experts covering different aspects of the employee experience. (Figure 1)

SurveyMonkey app for Microsoft Teams saves your time with survey templates.
Figure 1

All in all, this feature is extremely useful, since it saves so much time from creating a survey from scratch. Some of the templates are: a diversity template, exit interview template and a template to find out the type of culture in your organization.

There is a broad specter of results you can get out of the app. It offers private surveys, as well as a possibility to edit a survey after you have already sent it out. (Figure 2)

SurveyMonkey app for Teams has a broad spectre of tools for a perfect survey.
Figure 2

Finally, SurveyMonkey app for Teams remains in top rankings for all the reasons mentioned above. It simplifies to a great extent on how we gather information from our colleagues, customers and employees. It improves on time taken to complete a research topic and materials needed, saving costs and accuracy of collected data. Now, with the integration in Microsoft Teams, there are more features that will make the app very useful for both collecting and analyzing data. 

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