Issues Reporting app for Teams for logging problems

We have all encountered daily issues and minor inconveniences in one way or another. Especially during the pandemic when we are working from home, surrounded by kids, pets, elderly relatives, we often just feel overwhelmed. We are all humans – there is no shame in that. The Issues Reporting app for Microsoft Teams is an easier way to let your colleagues know that you might have to miss a deadline or skip a meeting. It also lets you seek help in resolving the problem you are facing.


Concerning the upsides of the app, employees find it useful to log issues with the information required to have this issue resolved. They can modify existing issues and assist each other with resolution. Managers can have an overview of the issues their employees are having. The app is simple to use as in Teams for the computer, as well as for the smartphone. The app let you report any kind of difficulty you’re facing. If your microphone suddenly stops working in a meeting, if your software is acting up. Or it could even be a personal issue that you think your colleagues might be able to help you with.


Ironically, there have been issues reported about the Issues Reporting app for Teams. First and foremost is its unavailability for Android phones. Most of the time users report issues on-the-go via smartphones, so that would be a big downside for this application.

Some recounted troubles with Issue Report Photos: they are showing in the gallery, but unable to be viewed properly.

Some users also wish to separate the front line and management elements of Issues Reporting. In this case it would’ve been great if the “Report Issue” app was somewhere all staff can reach it. Accordingly, the rest would be there just for the eyes of one specific team only, e.g., IT.

User experience

As stated previously, it is very important that the app works flawlessly on mobile devices, which it does only on IOS. (Figure 1)

Issues reporting app for Teams works great on mobile devices.
Figure 1

With an IOS app you can quickly log an issue, attach photos, describe what has happened and ask for help from your colleagues. They will be able to get a notification on their Microsoft Teams app for their phone or computer, view your issue and contact you immediately if they have a resolution.

There is always room for error in our everyday work and personal life. It is important to have a support system when you need it the most, no matter how big or small your issue is. You never know who and in what way is able to help you find a solution. Issue Reporting app for Microsoft Teams helps communicate issues to your colleagues and get them resolved as quickly as possible.

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