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Microsoft Viva Insights analytics tools are designed for both rank-and-file employees and managers, enabling them to track productivity and well-being at the personal and corporate level.

Viva Insights replaces the two existing Microsoft 365 tools, MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics, and helps provide an overview of employee productivity. The goal is to ensure sufficient employee well-being by eliminating burnout from scheduling too many meetings and not having time to focus on what’s important.

Additional virtual presence features and integration with the Headspace app for meditation and mindfulness will be available “in the coming months” along with the Viva Learning integration.

Replacing existing Microsoft 365 analytics features, Viva Insights enables rank-and-file employees and managers to gain insights into well-being and productivity. Credit: Microsoft

In addition to using data from Microsoft’s own products, such as Teams and Outlook, Viva Insights will integrate data from third-party applications, including video tools Zoom and HR platforms Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.

Microsoft has been criticized in recent months for its Productivity Score tool, which allows managers to track individual employee performance. The company has announced that personal data from Viva Insights is available only to the employee in question and that higher-level information can be obtained by department heads and managers only after it has been anonymously summarized. At that confidentiality is ensured by default.

Viva Insights for Teams can be downloaded today. Pre-release versions of the tools for Microsoft Exchange Online users to get personalized information are in the public domain, and the information for managers is already available to existing Workplace Analytics customers.

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