Make the most of PDF documents with Adobe Sign service for Microsoft Teams

Adobe Sign is a perfect tool for embedding electronic signatures into any Microsoft products. This feature is accessible directly from the Microsoft Teams tabs. You can sign and send documents, contracts and digital forms quickly and securely from anywhere, on any device. 

Adobe Sign lets accelerate your work through digital technology. With the addition of electronic signatures, you can create a collaborative environment and complete tasks faster: getting signatures and approvals now takes minutes instead of days.

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Teams integration


Users of the Adobe Sign app for Microsoft Teams have complete control over document status. The integration allows you to monitor all stages of your document workflow in real time. You’ll receive signature notifications, be able to check which documents have been sent for signature, signed or are awaiting signature, and send reminders to those who haven’t signed on time.

Adobe eSignature solutions provide the highest level of authentication, adherence to international security standards and compliance with legal requirements. You won’t have to worry about the authenticity of your documents anymore.

Send documents to be signed right from your Adobe Sign tab in Teams. Credit: Microsoft

“Adobe Sign is the new word in digital document management. With tight integration with your Microsoft tools and processes, this solution offers the best return on investment. We make extensive use of collaboration tools, such as SharePoint, complemented by the capabilities of Teams and Flow. By integrating these tools with Adobe Sign, we’ve been able to improve collaboration across the organization.”

Dave Thalacker, Director of IT Projects and Network Security, Iowa, USA


However, Adobe Sign app has its downsides. There have been some glitches and crashes reported by some users while trying to place a signature, which required of repeating the step. Adobe also doesn’t let you purchase the Sign app alone. It requires a subscription to multiple Adobe apps at once and the price starts at $24.99 per month.

The dashboard in the new app update doesn’t show who a form was sent to, and it doesn’t show whether they signed it. Tracking is available only via email confirmations. One used to be able to open the dashboard and see who signed or didn’t sign forms that were sent, but the update offers just a long list of form names

Some of the users have expressed their privacy concern about Adobe cloud services. It is not always clear what, if anything, Adobe does to protect any documents used in Adobe Sign and stored in the cloud.


Overall, the user experience with Adobe Sign app for Teams has been reported as positive. If you or your colleagues have to sign a lot of documents, you need to have Adobe Sign. You can save multiple signatures for all kinds of occasions so you can use in the appropriate one into a document. The backgrounds of the signatures are clear, so the signatures will go over the signature line, making it appear like a real-life signature. It’s so much more convenient to do rather than printing out a document and having to scan it back in, which is sometimes not possible if you’re traveling or do not have access to a printer and scanner.

Recipients can sign on any device, at any time. Credit: Microsoft

In spite of some of the concerns and minor bugs, the app users to have easiy access to PDF documents and has a great edit feature that the user can sign and edit documents with ease.

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