Calendar Pro: the ultimate calendar app for Microsoft Teams

Planning is something we do every day, and it directly affects organizations’ productivity levels. Finding a perfect tool for planning and organizing daily meetings, events and projects is a key to a less stressful and more efficient remote workflow. Calendar Pro by Witivio is exactly the tool that brings the calendar experience to a whole new level, and with its integration in Microsoft Teams, you will be able to plan, schedule and record attendance all in one place.

Calendar Pro has been in the top rankings of the Microsoft Teams apps for several reasons. It is suitable for an organization of any size and of almost any need. Calendar Pro is a great option as for managing a larger group of people, like a university course, as well as for planning among a smaller group, for example, an advertisement agency.

How to install Calendar Pro

Installing Calendar Pro is as simple as just a couple of steps.

Search for Calendar Pro in “Apps”.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app.

Then follow the instructions to add the calendar to your team. In this step you can give in a name, choose calendar type and display mode, first day of the week, as well as set permissions on who will be later able to edit it.

You can also add a tab directly from your team by clicking on “+”.

Start scheduling with Calendar Pro

What’s great about Calendar Pro is that it’s a very seamless and self-explanatory app. Scheduling meetings or events has never been easier, it can be done just in a couple clicks.

This is what the calendar looks like right after you finish installing it. Now it’s time to schedule your first meeting. All you have to do is click on “New” in the right upper corner.

Then you are offered to name the event, choose its date and time, repetition and notes. You can also use colour coding for a better presentation of the calendar. (Attention! Some of the features are only available in the Premium subscription.)

The created event instantly appears on the calendar.

You can change the view by clicking on the “Month” button.

Here is what the calendar looks like in weekly view.

There is also a day view available for a better detailed overview of a busy schedule.

Another great option of Calendar Pro is being able to open the chat right beside the calendar for more convenience.

Watch this video to learn how to create a shared calendar with Calendar Pro:

Credit: Witivio

While an Outlook Calendar invite is great for mandatory team meetings, Calendar Pro is really useful for optional meetings and activities. It also helps to prevent conflicts between different groups, as all group activities are recorded in the one place. 

Calendar Pro has a big popularity among schools as well, where it is valued for the option to print out the calendar. No other calendar in Office 365 suite has so far integrated this feature. You can print out your weekly schedule in Calendar Pro and hang it on the wall, for example, or keep it on your desk.

Another great feature of Calendar Pro is that you can add it to a private tab – to manage your personal appointments or, for example, after class hours or courses, that will be available to you only.

Calendar Pro has a very broad palette of functions. Whether you are a manager, an employee, a teacher or a student, Calendar Pro will most likely have the tools to satisfy your organizational needs.

For more information on Teams Pro apps visit Teams Pro website.

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