Teams Nation Monthly Meet-Up April 2021

Teams Nation is a new free community based digital event that focuses on Microsoft Teams and its essential tools. The community is based in Helsinki, Finland, and has now over 250 members, who are very diverse in their field of expertise. Some of the members are technicians, engineers, architects, adoption specialists, developers, or just people curious about technologies and software.

Each month Teams Nation hosts sessions, or monthly meetups, with entertaining content and interesting speakers to discuss all things Microsoft Teams.

April 2021 is no exception – yesterday, on April 26, a monthly meet-up with about 50 participants took place virtually, that served as a warm-up for the upcoming community conference. It introduced two very interesting guest speakers: David Ramalho focused on creation of automated processes on Microsoft Teams, while Robert Mulsow talked about how to increase productivity and employee well-being based on machine learning.

About the speakers

David Ramalho

David currently works as a SharePoint developer at Storm Technology Ltd family where he is part of the Modern Workplace team. In the past, he worked at BindTuning as a Support engineer and then as SharePoint development. David has a blog where he shares tricks that can help manage your SharePoint in different areas on a daily basis. In March 2020, he received a Most Valuable Professional award from Microsoft.

Robert Muslow

Rob lives to challenge the status quo, a digital transformer, Microsoft MVP and Founder of Digital Transformation company SkillBridge. All three roles are focusing on driving business success through modern collaboration solutions and new ways to work.

As a certified Trainer and MCSA for Office 365, he supports companies mapping their business processes to modern workplace solutions and make them more successful in migrating the business, driving user adoption and protecting the information. Additionally, based on his experience as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, he helped large companies with their deep dive SharePoint challenges and aligned technologies.


David has presented a very interesting demo of creating an adaptive card for Microsoft Teams with Power Automate. He talked about many ways to facilitate some of the processes we have to repeat daily. Rather than having a form you can have a bot that does a lot of the work for you, which saves a lot of time.

David Ramahlo presented on Managing the creation of Microsoft Teams.

After an X amount of time that the request hasn’t been approved or rejected, you can make Microsoft Teams send out reminders to take an action.

Rob introduced us to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in his very engaging presentation.

“There is so many data and it’s so hard to find the right information – that is a problem we very often face,” said Robert.

Rob explained how AI can help get the needed information to work more effectively and prioritize our tasks.

Robert Muslow’s engaging presentation on ML and AI was full of interesting facts, numbers and insights.

Rob spent a big section of his presentation to talk about Workplace Analytics and how it helps extract, organize, and analyse your data.

Some of the data to be processed with Workplace Analytics includes meeting durations, that can help recognize very long and bloated meetings, or the extent to which the employees are engaged or distracted – by seeing the average amount of emails being sent by them during the meetings.

“Do we really need all those meetings?”

Rob explained how Workplace Analytics can help you answer the question and, in the future, shorten the meetings and workshops and make them more efficient.

If you want to present at one of the upcoming Teams Nation monthly meet-ups, fill out a form at

The next big event by Teams Nation, the Microsoft Teams Community Conference is set to take place May 12, 2021. To sign up for the conference visit

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