Microsoft Viva Insights: new functions coming soon

The Microsoft Viva platform was officially introduced in February 2021, aimed at professional development, and maintaining a favorable emotional state of employees who are working remotely. The company expects that remote work will become the norm soon and aims to make the transition easier for employers and employees through the new platform. Microsoft Viva is a huge leap forward in the employee engagement and well-being.

One of the Viva sections, Insights, provides data for managers and executives to help build working models and customize workflow. At the same time, Viva is designed to protect personal data. Personal information is only visible to the employee, while information for managers and executives is combined by default and does not contain identifiers, which ensures the protection of personal information.

In the nearest future, Viva Insights will have a broad specter of new functions available. Some of the additional personal wellbeing experiences are a virtual commute, and integration with Headspace for meditation and mindfulness, as well as an integration with Microsoft Viva Learning.

Microsoft announced new features and advanced capabilities to support wellbeing and productivity. Credit: Microsoft

Possibly the most important and the hardest goal for organisations nowadays is to keep their employees in a good mindset and therefore as productive as possible, even working remotely. That’s why we are putting Viva Insights in the foreground and diving deeper into the new functions that will be joining it soon.

A new dashboard

A new dashboard which enables organizations to combine de-identified and aggregated employee feedback from LinkedIn’s Glint — “how people feel”— with de-identified and aggregated collaboration data from Viva Insights — “how people work.” Managers will have an ability to more accurately identify where teams may be struggling, proactively adjust work norms, and then quantify the impact of those changes over time. 

Workplace Analytics customers can start deep analysis by using an open-source repository of functions, then easily share results using pre-built visualizations and interactive HTML reports.  

Virtual commute

Virtual commute function will help people mindfully wrap up their workday, check-ins to help them pause and reflect on their day, and an integration with Headspace for meditation and mindfulness experiences. 

Personal insights

Microsoft Viva Insights helps employees maintain strong relationships with important people in their network. Credit: Microsoft

This experience gives users an all-in-one opportunity to prioritize time for regular one-on-one meetings and keep up with asks circulated in emails, chats, and shared documents from a single place. This is extremely important now that communications progressively go virtual.

Additionally, the protect time experience simplifies scheduling focus time so that they can work uninterrupted.

Download Viva Insights for Microsoft Teams here.

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