A closer look at Microsoft Viva Learning

In February 2021, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Viva, a platform for professional development and emotional well-being of employees, which contains tools for ensuring engagement and learning, as well as opportunities for sharing knowledge on the job. Viva provides a whole new experience by integrating with productivity and collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

In the face of constant changes in the field of work organization, there is a growing demand for solutions that support corporate culture, as well as allow convenient search in the knowledge base and training on the job. Today, there is a large number of scattered services and tools, but their potential is not used effectively by the employees of the companies that have invested in them.

Microsoft Viva, with Teams and Microsoft 365, brings together the tools to create an effective work environment in four dimensions: engagement, emotional improvement, learning, and knowledge sharing.

Introducing Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform. Credit: Microsoft

Viva Learning makes learning and professional development opportunities more open and accessible on the go. It brings together all learning resources available to the company in one place, including content from Microsoft Learn, courses from third-party providers including Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight, and edX, and the organization’s own content library.

Viva Learning aggregates your access to learning content from various sources in one place. Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Viva Learning promises to incorporate content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third-party content providers, Learning Management Systems, and a company’s own content. Managers will have the ability to track learning and how employees are doing with their learning journey. To learn more about the initial set of Viva Learning providers, watch the video below.

Microsoft Viva Learning doesn’t offer reports or analytics yet to track learning completions, progress, etc., but Microsoft is currently working on the development of such features.

However, Viva Learning doesn’t necessarily replace the Learning Management System (LMS), especially if your organization has already invested in one. An LMS is still a great tool for tracking certifications, making sure the right people are assigned to learning, and generally doing all the administration around learning. What Viva Learning offers is an easier access to learning for employees from multiple knowledge and information sources. If you don’t already have an LMS, then Viva Learning is a perfect starting point for basic search and discoverability features. ­­

How to get access to Microsoft Viva Learning for Microsoft Teams?

As mentioned previously, Viva Learning is now in a public preview. To get the latest updates and request the activation, you must visit https://resources.techcommunity.microsoft.com/viva-learning/.

Then scroll down and click on “Sign up for updates”.

Fill out the form on the right and click “Submit”.

After you have filled out a form to request access to the Viva Learning preview, it can take a few weeks between submitting the form and gaining tenant activation.

It’s important to mention that to ensure confidentiality and security, Microsoft Viva uses de-identification. This means that personal data is visible only to the employee and for the managers, information is generated from generalized and anonymized data.

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